Alexander Technique
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I have a practice teaching the Alexander Technique at my home in the Chiltern Hills. I teach also at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, and at Champneys, Berkhamsted. I do peripatetic teaching at two Alexander Teacher Training Schools.

I first researched the Technique as a means of helping my husband who had suffered nerve damage to shoulder and arm after a motorbike accident. After two years when he had no feeling in his arm, and not even a sense that it was there at all, he now has almost full use of his arm and is continuing to improve. He was warned that arthritis was likely to occur but so far this has not happened. This experience has made me particularly sympathetic to people who feel there is no hope of alleviation of neck, shoulder and back pain.

I have an interest in natural history and plants and write books on natural history and gardening, having formerly been Gardening Correspondent for The Times, and Garden Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine. I find the Alexander Technique, being truly psychophysical helps me in my writing and lecturing as well as in my teaching activities.

All STAT registered Alexander teachers have to do a three-year full-time training. I completed mine with Ray Evans and Ron Colyer at the Aylesbury Alexander Re-education Centre and I also engage in Continuing Professional Development. I edit The Alexander Journal, the professional journal of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

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Alexander Technique

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