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Performers whose work makes huge demands on them use the Alexander Technique to help them develop their talent to the full. The habits that attach to performance are particularly hard to get rid of, especially when the individual needs to continue to earn a living through the very activity that is doing them harm. No musical instrument - not even the human voice - is easy to control and to use to best advantage.

It is well known that many Alexander Teachers are also performers. They usually find their way to Alexander work through a problem that is preventing them from progressing or damaging their performance - sometimes they were in such pain they could no longer perform. It is typical that one can reach a stage where you seem to have tried everything but don't seem to be able to go forward.

The Alexander Technique will not automatically make you a great singer, player or actor but learning it will help you to get rid of the unnecessary baggage that are is getting in the way of your developing your talents.

I am teaching actors, singers of opera and of musical theatre, looking especially at using the Technique to make performance more accurate and expressive.




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