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Work place problems are rife through all age-groups and all sections of society: young men crippled from having hunched too long over laptops, caring professions who have damaged their backs, necks and shoulders through helping in the wrong way, or those near retirement suffering stress. My practice includes CEOs, graduates, nurses, doctors, a chimney sweep, hair salon owner, and and finance and IT specialists.

Using Alexander Technique, sufferers can re-educate themselves to use computers and other machines with less harm to themselves and to learn to pace themselves better so that they don't drive themselves into a state of destructive exhaustion. It is well known that people in a job they dislike are more likely to get back pain and other stress related conditions but being in a job you love can also cause trouble as you stick at your desk or bench for far longer than is good for you. For these people the answer is not to give up their work, but to understand how they can progress healthily.

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