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Nothing more natural, you might think, than pregnancy and childbirth but there are considerable anxieties for the mother-to-be and a number of perplexing choices that can cause stress through the nine months. There is also the unknown prospect of the birth and the expectation of back ache and other ills.

It is true that there are hormonal and muscular in the body in pregnancy but it by no means inevitable that you will get back ache. If you stood and walked badly before pregnancy it is llikely of course, that with an extra load, you will be more out of balance. However, you can learn to remain in balance with your bump and keep active and enjoy your term of childbearing. Because the Alexander Technique works with the dynamics of balance: how to use yourself well, and to adapt to changing circumstances, it can be applied to that time of greatest change: when you are carrying a baby.

After the birth, you can use Alexander work to get back into shape. Looking after newborns and young children is stressful so learning how to pick up babies and toddlers in a balanced way and to have strategies for keeping calm can help greatly in avoiding exhaustion and strain.


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