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Using the Alexander Technique during the often tedious and frustrating process of getting better from an accident, injury or illness illness - or after surgery, makes a huge difference both to the outcome and the experience of recovery. You are able to help yourself in a positive way and, perhaps more important, begin to recognise when not to overdo your efforts to regain your normal behaviour. Nobody believes it at the time but coming out of crisis well, restores you to an active stat that is often better than you were pre-injury.



Many of the people I have taught have come to Alexander work because of a recent or long-term injury and have found themselves more upright, relaxed and energetic as a result. The commonest causes of distress are:

  • Hip joint replacement
  • Whiplash injury
  • Sports injuries
  • Bruising
  • Broken limbs
  • Neural damage after a road accident



A long illness always cause loss of muscle tone and general debility. In some ways these unseen conditions can be more difficult to deal with than an obvious injury, and recovering patients are often depressed. Learning to use the Alexander Technique does not puport to be a direct cure any of illness but it does help the sufferer to create the optimum conditions for recovery within themselves so the healing process can take place unimpeded.

  • Flu and post-viral problems
  • ME/ Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • MRSA/C.difficile
  • Glandular fever



Individuals who are unhappy or grief-stricken after a bereavement may not recognise that they are also suffering in other ways and not taking care of themselves. This can open the door to detpression or illness. I would not recommend the Alexander Technique to somebody immediately after bereavement because the coping mechanisms that get you through the weeks following the event are necessary. However the compensatory mechanisms can themselves become habitual and if carried with you for too long, can lead to problems with health and recovery. Gentle work with an Alexander Teacher can be very helpful for a person having to rehabilitate to a new set of cirumstances, not chosen by themselves.

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