The Alexander Technique and pain relief


You may like to consider having lessons if you suffer from


• back pain

• neck and shoulder problems

• stiff or aching hips

• asthma

• stress-related disorders

• neuromuscular and joint ailments

• depression and anxiety.

• RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

• migraine

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

• clumsiness and awkwardness (dyspraxia)

• Parkinson’s Syndrome

• Convalescence


The Alexander Technique has a long history of helping these conditions, or at least, giving the pupil the necessary skills to cope and manage them better. Some hospitals have an Alexander Teacher attached to their Pain Unit.

There are a number of published papers on the Alexander Technique and some of the painful conditions listed above.

The Alexander Technique is a very useful tool to help with recovering from illness, accident or an operation such as a hip joint replacement. This is almost always an anxous and frustrating process and the Technique gives you a gentle means of helping yourself.