Some schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses have Alexander teachers on the staff or as consultants. These include BP, Amersham Hospital, The Guildhall School of Music, Arts Education Schools, RADA, The Globe Theatre and many more.

For over a century, people who are particularly at risk of injury and illness owing to their work such as musicians, athletes, singers and actors have taken advantage of the benefits the Technique gives them. Among Alexander’s own pupils were Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley, and many present day celebrities continue to find Alexander work rewarding along with many other professionals and people in demanding jobs.

• Athletes and sports players: Golfers, Riders, Runners, Rowers

• The performing arts: Musicians Dancers, Singers, Actors

• Business: Computer users: business users, IT consultants, writers

• Active practitioners of skills such as gardening, pottery, car engineering and mechanics

• People suffering generally from overstress


Musicians and Singers

Performers whose work makes huge demands on them use the Alexander Technique to help them develop their talent to the full. The habits that attach to performance are particularly hard to get rid of, especially when the individual needs to continue to earn a living through the very activity that is doing them harm. No musical instrument - not even the human voice - is easy to control and to use to best advantage.


Many dancers fail to achieve their potential because they habitually carry undue tensions that hamper free movement and get in the way of free expression. Alexander work helps the individual to release harmful tension and to avoid injury.