The role of the Alexander teacher

The role of the Alexander teacher is to encourage the body’s natural reflexes to work to the best possible standard for each individual. Teacher and pupil work towards an improved balance in activity, so as to use exactly the appropriate amount of effort required for any action. This leads to a freedom of movement, breathing, circulation and digestion, as restrictive habits are dropped and a natural poise asserts itself.

The pupil

Pupils wear everyday clothing and experience gentle touch and instructive suggestions about everyday activities such as standing, sitting, walking and other actions that might relate to aches, pains and problems or a job or profession. Being aware and thinking about how you perform ordinary actions allows you progressively to eliminate bad habits of body use and posture.

The process

Gradually you learn to create the conditions in which excessive tension can be dropped and balance reasserted. The Alexander teacher uses very light touch in conjunction with an explanation of the principles and individually focused explanation in order to demonstrate the imbalances and to lead the pupil into a better condition and overall functioning in terms of breathing, moving and everyday activities. Each pupil is treated as an individual which is why Alexander lessons are one-to-one. Long experience has shown us that this is how best progress is made.

How many lessons?

Most pupils feel a benefit in terms of pain relief and a lightness and well-being, after even one lesson, but this is a learning process and you need to learn to practise the Technique for yourself. The number of lesson required will relate to the pupil’s degree of need and rate of progress but a programme of 8-10 lesson will bring usually bring a benefit. Don’t feel you can’t approach me because you have too little time or not enough funding. There is always a way to break down and overcome difficulties. It could be that a group Introductory course will give some help, or a couple of lessons now and again that could begin the process.

As a teacher I tailor my lessons to suit a pupil’s time availability, finances and motivation.